Sowing the seeds of dreams

Please carefully nurtur until it blossoms…


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They are prepared to open the next door for you.

A long time ago

somebody said to me

that my job is to open people’s doors.

I painted this imagining about it.

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Star songs

This is another painting

in which I wanted to explain sounds.

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Butterfly dress

I love the pattern of Japanese traditional KIMONO,

and I wanted to draw that kind of design for the dress.

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Tree of soul

In our mind, there is a place we can be very relaxed,

I want to sit there sometimes and get the energy,

and enjoy the everyday life…




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Invitation card

I used the idea from my last painting

for this invitation card.

I put my child’s name on the left strawberry,

and in the balloon, in between the two harts,

I put the name of my child’s friend.

I like making invitation cards every time my children

have a birthday party.

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Tea time with strawberry

In Japan, there is a hospital in Toyota Aichi that has used many of my paintings

for their information booklets and carender .

They also use my painting to decorate their rooms.

This year those chose this strawberry picture for their carender.

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The flow of sound

I imagined that if I could see sound what it would be like.




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Angels from Belgium


I am painting angels and fairies, and fantasy things.

I painted this a long time ago

and it was the first of many angel paintings.




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